Your shopping gets a makeover

Shopilly is a visually delightful start page for your shopping life.

No more daily clutter of promotional emails in your personal inbox! There's never been an easier or more fun and useful way of staying informed about your favorite brands, stores, sales and purchases.

Follow your favorite stores and brands to stay connected so you don't have to miss out on the latest trends, deals and promotions. Then, share great offers with your friends!

Use your Shopilly email ID when shopping both online & offline. Keep all your shopping offers and transactions in one place - nicely organized and without all that clutter!

My role

I worked with the Shopilly team to design the product from the ground up. I designed the branding, website, marketing material, the web application and an iPad app.

The website. Greeting you in style.

The main purpose of the site is to drive future users into the product with as little hassle as possible. To do this we decided to minimise information on the site, giving the user a quick introduction and very prominent calls to action.

The website design follows the premise of product as hero. Since the product was designed with care, using it in marketing materials is an easy and obvious choice.

The application. One grid to rule them all.

The main objective of the design was to maximise the area the user gets to interact with the products on display and to make all interactions as easy to understand as possible. To do this we had to constantly ask ourselves if a feature was really necessary. Although painfull at times, feature-cutting and creative thinking allowed us to create something truly simple.

Creating an application isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are devices and operating systems galore. This reality has created a huge hurdle for entry, especially for small teams. With only a handful of employees, Shopilly had to take all steps available to simplify the design and coding process. The grid is consistent across the iPad and web applications. And since it’s modular we can adapt it to each screen size, utilising each users maximum interaction area. This approach also has a big upside for the user. Users don’t want to learn new ways to interact with their applications just because they switch from mobile to desktop. Taking an holistic approach, thinking about touch and desktop throughout, helped us create a seamless user experience across devices.