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About the project

Google+ is the social layer of the Google universe. With over 500 million registered users and 235 million active monthly users, it is the fastest growing online service in history. We created a central place filled to the brim with information about the service so unregistered users (there are still a few) and registered users looking for more information about how they can fully utilize the possibilites of Google+ can drop by and find what they need.

My Role

I designed the site for Upperquad, working closely with the Google+ marketing team and the Google webmaster team. I came up with concepts, user flows and (seemingly endless) layouts.

Responsively awesome

All pages were designed to work across all devices and screen sizes.

Parlez-vous فارسی ?

Since Google+ is a global product, with users in every country in the world, the site needed to be translated into dozens of languages.

Designing a site that works in multiple languages brings a unique set of challenges. If you are reading this, you probably know that English is written from left to right, as are all Germanic languages and in fact most languages. However some of the languages the site was translated to, like Farsi, are written and read from right to left. This means that all layouts needed to work mirrored, this includes all background images used for text and all UI elements.

Translating also means that you need to factor in different lengths of sentences depending on the language, making precise layouts and word placements next to impossible. German is for instance notoriously long: hovercraft (a word that was for some reason never used on the Google+ site) in german is Luftkissenfahrzeug. When large chunks of copy are translated, the compounded effect of this can wreak havoc on any layout.

Overview pages

The site had four main overview pages. Three of which use jump menus to guide users further down the long pages.

Business as unusual

Business and enterprise sites are traditionally content heavy and (let’s be honest) dull. With the Google+ for business site, we however decided to build a playful and colourful site that was unique from the consumer site but still felt like part of a whole.

If you’re in the mood for more

Below you’ll find some of the additional pages I designed for the project.