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Google Drive

About the project

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service and the new home for the popular Google Docs - a suite of productivity applications, that offer collaborative editing on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. The service is hugely popular with consumers and businesses - it is used to safely store everything from family photo albums to international trade secrets.

My Role

I worked with the amazing design and creative team at Upperquad on everything ranging from illustrations, to motion design, website layouts and UI/UX explorations. The Google web team took our work and developed it further to create the final launched version.


The main page designs had a similar structure from start to finish. But even though the big picture stayed basically the same, all the important details were in a state of constant evolution.


We created various illustrations and icons for this project - big and small. Some from scratch and some based on existing Google assets.

The layout

The client brief called for a long page, i.e. instead of building a site with different pages, we would have all our content on, you guessed it, one long page.


As part of the design process I did some motion mocks to show how the site design could potentially animate. The mocks are done in flash but the end result would have been made in HTML5.

Purchase flow

Each user gets a certain amount of free storage space from Google. But power users and companies can have tens, hundreds or thousands of GB they want to store in the cloud.

Last but not least

In the early stages of the project I did some explorations on colour and style. One of them was this black beauty. The approach didn’t really make sense for this particular project but I had fun working on it.